Remove Stampado ransomware virus

Stampado ransomware virus

What is Stampado ransomware virus?

If Stampado ransomware virus ever finds a security loophole and enters your computer, your all files will be locked by adding the .locked extension to all of them. Stampado ransomware virus does not care which files to lock, so your all pictures, documents, and even very important files will be encrypted. Luckily, it does not touch system files, so your Windows OS will work normally. Cyber criminals have developed Stampado ransomware virus to get money from users, so it will do this job immediately after it enters the computer. To get the secret key that cyber criminals have, you will be offered to pay money. Of course, nobody will tell you that until you write an email to If you are not going to spend your money on such a tool, there is no point in writing an email. You should better spend this time on the Stampado ransomware virus removal. Removal

fullsearching virus

What is may try to convince you that it is a useful application. Unfortunately, is just another browser hijacker seeking to earn revenue without giving anything in return. will try its best in order to make you visit one of its promoted internet pages. may try to lead you to as many websites as possible because this is how the browser hijacker gains revenue. Some people think that can bring benefits to them. For example, is supposed to be a great tool that converts video files. However, the risks that brings to your virtual machine are not taking. Our computer research team recommends you to delete as soon as possible. The longer you keep the browser hijacker in your electronic device, the higher becomes the risk that your PC will soon be infected by even more serious malware.

Remove ArcadeBunny Ads

ArcadeBunny Ads

What is ArcadeBunny Ads?

ArcadeBunny Ads is supposed to make your life a little bit better with the help of free of charge games. Although ArcadeBunny Ads you may not have to pay for these games, be ready to experience all kinds of commercial material. ArcadeBunny Ads is listed together with other adware software. This happens because ArcadeBunny Ads just completely floods your computer with various ads. On top of that, the promoted material is usually unreliable and can lead to many questionable pages.



What is infection? (also listed as Get Sports browser hijacker) is created by SaferBrowser. The infection’s developers do not try to make a legitimate app. Their goal is to make you believe that is a useful application. They do so because the longer you keep the application on your computer, the higher chances are that you will click on one of the promoted ads. It’s not a secret that the more advertised pages you visit, the more revenue receives. Not only is completely useless, it may bring PC issues as well. Therefore, you should not wait any longer and take care of removal ASAP.

Remove LockLock Ransomware

What is LockLock Ransomware?

LockLock Ransomware enters computers to encrypt files with the AES-256 cipher. It is based on EDA2, which is known to be an open-source ransomware, so it is not surprising at all that they share many similarities. Like EDA2 Ransomware, LockLock Ransomware encrypts files and then ask users to pay money. You will not be told immediately that the decryption tool will cost money for you; however, you will be explained how to make a payment if you write an email to or contact cyber criminals through Skype.

Remove LockLock

Lock Lock ransomware-

LockLock Removal Guide

LockLock is a ransomware infection based on EDA2, which is known to be an open-source ransomware. The code of EDA2 has been made public for educational purposes primarily; however, cyber criminals have decided to use it to create a bunch of new ransomware infections. If LockLock ever enters your computer, your all files will be immediately encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm, which makes it very hard to unlock those files without the special key.



What is is a yet another browser hijacker that may enter your PC with a potentially unwanted application. It belongs to Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc, a company that is responsible for a variety of apps that appear useful at first, but actually turn out to be nothing but tools used to earn revenue for their creators. The purpose of the hijacker is to boost Web traffic. It does so by altering your browser settings in order to present you with modified search results, inserting ads into your visited sites, and so on. We recommend that you waste no time and terminate as soon as possible.



What is necessary to know about is classified as an annoying browser hijacker that will definitely reduce your web surfing experience. Once the hijacker finds your computer, your web browsers (such as, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer) will be flooded with questionable ads. This might slow down your virtual machine’s work. More than that, you may soon end up exploring the dark side of the internet. Hence, you should take care of removal as soon as possible. You can do so by following the instructions bellow. Please read them carefully because infection will use even the smallest mistake to get back into your computer.

Remove GamesLava Ads

GamesLava Ads

What is known about GamesLava Ads infection?

GamesLava Ads (or GamesLava adware) is listed as an intrusive advertising-supported software for a couple of reasons. GamesLava Ads will slow down your computer’s system. This may happen because of the high number of ads that your PC will be flooded by GamesLava Ads. In addition, GamesLava Ads has only one goal and that is to redirect the PC users to as many promoted ads as possible. The application reaches the computer system without the users permission. Once the adware find a way to your virtual machine, it will start performing changes on your web browsers. GamesLava Ads will monitor your internet surfing activities so that it could make the ads more appealing to you. GamesLava Ads does not worry whether these are trustworthy or not. The only thing that GamesLava Ads is concerned about is to gain the revenue from the ads that you click. GamesLava Ads does not bring any benefits to your computer. Hence, you should put GamesLava Ads removal on your priority list. Removal


What is known about infection? is classified as an intrusive browser hijacker that can definitely make your web surfing experience worse. However, claims to be a valuable search engine that includes different games, for instance, Match 3, Arcade, Restaurant, Simulation, and others. is not a malicious website itself. Nevertheless, hijacker performs too many unwanted actions in order to be kept on your computer. Our research team definitely recommends you to delete as soon as possible. Any application that is classified as a browser hijacker should be eliminated. Such programs are unreliable and can cause more troubles than benefits. Hence, you should take care of removal as soon as possible. In order to do so, you will need to carefully follow our elimination instructions bellow.